Eric's team has contacted us in early 2018. The purpose was to develop a website and e-commerce solution for his new brand: Espéranto. After several weeks of discussions and meetings, we were the ones selected to develop the project. Also, the fact that our development team is based in Portugal made us a very cost-effective provider.



Eric Cantona is a former professional football/soccer player that represented Manchester United for several years and also played for the French National Team. Currently is a businessman, investor, and artist. In 2018 he was working on Espéranto, a fashion brand that also includes clothes designed and created by himself.


The challenge

Eric's team had several requirements for this project. Besides the brand focus on excellent user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), there were some other critical requirements to have in consideration.

Compliance with GDPR was one of the concerns (the website was released in 2019 a few weeks before GDPR enforcement in Europe). The solution needed to be easily scalable and open-source. The client also required integration with both their ERP and logistics platform so that all the processes could be easily automated. Security was also one of our primary concerns, due to Eric's notoriety. Finally, we were challenged to provide a cost-effective solution in the short-term, since the brand would be released into the market in a few weeks after we started the development.


Our solution

Considering all the project requirements, the notoriety we expected the Espéranto would achieve, we developed a simple and functional website with an e-commerce solution, focusing on the scalability, ease of use, security, and easy integration with the client's management platforms.



Since being open-source was one of the requirements plus the fact that the client wanted to be able to update and maintain the website easily, we decided to implement the project with WordPress for content management and e-commerce based on Woocommerce. We also integrated with Stripe as the payment provider.



All the templates were personalized and developed from scratch. Besides, complying with the usual development standards, we used PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap 3 technologies. Since the development was based on WordPress and Woocommerce, there was no need to make any additional backend development, except for the integration with the client ERP and also the clients' logistics platform.



The solution is implemented in the cloud, more precisely on Microsoft Azure. Besides being compliant with GDPR (one of the project requirements), Microsoft Azure also allows us to expand and grow the infrastructure quickly. The cloud flexibility was also one of our primary concerns, having in mind Eric's notoriety and the potential growth of Espéranto and it's e-commerce.



Simple and easy to use website that provides a simple end-user e-commerce experience. From our client's perspective, the solution is reliable and easy to maintain. The integration with both the ERP and logistics platform provides our client with a sales process that doesn't require that much human intervention. Also, using a cloud infrastructure allow us to expand the solution whenever needed.