We were contacted by Teamhome marketing team in 2019. The purpose of the project was to redesign the client's web portal and also implement a new e-commerce solution for Temahome. After several meetings and negotiations, Temahome decided to trust us with this project. The project included the development of all user interface, user experience, and coding.



Temahome is a multinational company and brand with a presence in more than 45 countries. They design and produce contemporary furniture. They are focused on providing their worldwide customers with high-quality products and services.


The challenge

Our client required a complete new web portal and an e-commerce solution to support their digital growth and expansion. They wanted to focus primarily on two main areas: User Interface/User Experience and also on the technological side of the project. The main challenge was to redesign the website in harmony with their new brand identity and, at the same time, implement an e-commerce solution that would be easily scalable and based on open-source technology. The automated integration with marketplaces was also a requirement. Besides the client's focus on excellent user experience and user interface, we also had to guarantee the migration of all the data and content from the old platform into the new one.


Our solution

Having in mind the client requirements, we knew we were required to focus our attention on all the details and aspects related to the project UX and UI. From a technical point of view, we had to provide a solution that was easy to maintain and scalable.



While developing the user interface, we focused a lot on anesthetics, especially considering that our client produces and sells high-quality design products. At the same time, we were developing an e-commerce solution, meaning that we had into consideration user-friendliness and conversion-oriented user experience. The user interface should be well designed, appealing, easy to use, and easy to maintain.



We were required to use an open-source solution that was easy to update, maintain, and scale. We decided to develop the web portal based on WordPress for content management and Woocommerce for e-commerce. We also integrated the e-commerce with Stripe as the payment provider.



On the development side, we used PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap 3. We were also required to use backend development to migrate all the content and data from the old platform into WordPress and Woocommerce. Finally, we also developed an integration with the marketplaces used by Temahome so that they could easily manage their catalog in the different portals in an automated way.



In the end, we were able to meet the client's high expectations and requirements. The developed web portal offers a very appealing design and easy to use interface, providing an excellent experience to the end-user. Our client was also happy with the result and with how easy it was to maintain the new platform. With this new web portal and e-commerce solution, Temahome is also now able to focus on conversion-oriented goals, specifically helping visitors get to the website, find a product, customizing it, and comfortably complete the transaction.