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Get access to experienced nearshore developers and nearshore development teams with the necessary skills to design, code, and deploy your projects.

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The Right Approach

Designing, coding, and deploying a product or technological solution is no easy task. Choose the method that is more aligned with your needs and expectations.


  • We will develop, code, and deploy your project according to your requirements and needs.

    Offer Type

    We will provide you with the resources you need to develop your project.

  • You will get a dedicated project manager.

    Project Management

    You can manage the team directly or request the allocation of one of our project managers.

  • We select the best team resources according to your project requirements and required skills.

    Project Requirements

    You will be able to select your development team.

  • You will get a fixed rate on a project by project basis.


    The rates will vary according to team size, skills, seniority, and allocated time.

  • Higher rates per hour, but we share the development risk with you.


    Lower rates per hour, but you manage the development directly.

  • No minimum allocation periods.

    Allocation Period

    The minimum allocation periods will range from 2 to 12 months, depending on the team skills and seniority level.

  • Cost-effective for shorter projects or projects that require a wide variety of skills.

    Project Duration

    Cost-effective for longer projects or when you need a dedicated team for one or more projects.

  • The right option when you don’t want to manage the development and wish to rely on our expertise.

    The Best Scenario

    The right option when you have the technical and project management skills.

Supported Technology

  • Software

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Mobile

  • Cloud

  • CMS & E-Commerce

    • Microsoft.Net
    • Php
    • Javascript
    • React
    • Vuejs
    • Android
    • Ios
    • Pwa
    • Aws
    • Azure
    • Microsoft.Net
    • Sql Server
    • Angular
    • Css3
    • Html5
    • Javascript
    • Jquery
    • Less
    • Nodejs
    • React
    • Sass
    • Vuejs
    • Laravel
    • Microsoft.Net
    • Sql Server
    • Mysql
    • Phalcon
    • Php
    • Python
    • Symfony
    • Android
    • Ios
    • Pwa
    • React Native
    • Aws
    • Azure
    • Drupal
    • Episerver
    • Magento
    • Sharepoint
    • Sitecore
    • Typo3
    • Ucommerce
    • Umbraco
    • Woocommerce
    • Wordpress