Nearshore development in Portugal

If you are based in Europe, you should consider having a nearshore development team in Portugal. Portugal is a great place to establish a nearshore team. It's just one timezone ahead of all major European countries and in the same timezone as the United Kingdom. It's accessible, meaning you have short and direct flights from all major European cities. This is a must if you expect to visit the nearshore team regularly. It will also reduce your costs if you plan to visit the team regularly or require them to visit you or even your clients.

Portugal is also on the top of the list when technology companies consider having development centers in Europe. Google, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, and many others already have competence centers in Portugal. Some of the main reasons why companies choose to have a nearshore development team in Portugal are:



Recent studies show that Portuguese are among the most proficient English speakers in Europe and the world. We are not the ones saying it, but a study from The Economist supports it.


Cultural background

It may not look relevant, but social background differences may play a role in how a development team will perceive and develop your projects. Portugal shares the same cultural background as Europe and North America, meaning it will be easier for you to cooperate with Portuguese developers.


Safe & Friendly

According to the Global Peace Index, Portugal ranks in a fantastic third position as one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world. And besides being safe, it's also friendly and welcoming. According to Expats Insider 2019, "Expats rank Portugal first for feeling at home and third for friendliness. Close to nine in ten (87%) describe the local attitude toward foreign residents as friendly".


Focused on the IT industry

Portugal is playing an essential role in the IT industry: until 2028, Lisbon will hold the Web Summit, considered "the largest tech conference in the world". Also, more and more companies are investing in having development teams in Portugal, making it a popular option with high-quality developers.


Well trained

The IT degrees provided by Portuguese universities are among the best ones in the world.



You will get developers that use the same quality and development standards that you are used to in the European markets and North America.


Competitive rates

The Portuguese market allows us to provide you with competitive development rates. This is especially true if you are looking for a full-time development team for your project or organization.


Nearshore development

Besides all the advantages of choosing Portugal as a nearshore location, you should also consider some of the benefits of having a nearshore development team.

It's more cost-efficient when compared with your local market. Typically and depending on the kind of contract, it's also more flexible and without the burden of having to take care of recruitment, managing salaries, social security, insurances, office space, and many other related expenses.

It is easy to manage due to the short timezone difference since the nearshore development team is in a nearby country. You can manage and connect directly with the development team during your regular business hours.


Other advantages

We hope this article helps you understand the advantages of having a nearshore team based in Portugal. Also, besides all the benefits we have already indicated to you, Portugal is also a great country to visit. You can enjoy its great weather, food, people, and sandy beaches, among many other positive aspects. If our arguments haven't convinced you by now, keep in mind that you will be able to mix business with pleasure when visiting your nearshore team! 😊

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