Why Choose Us?

We offer compelling reasons to choose us as your trusted partner.

  • Skilled Tech

  • Exceptional
    Client Care

  • Competitive

  • Reliable
    & Scalable

Experienced Team

  • Ricardo Alencastre

    Ricardo Alencastre


    Actively working within IT, digital, Internet, and the web since 1999. Specialist in IT and digital projects. With international experience developing business and managing teams across Europe and North America.

  • SH Silvia M

    Sílvia Marques


    Silvia takes care of our operations since 2015. With degrees in Auditing, Accounting, and Business Administration, she has many years of experience as an internal auditor at Deloitte and in financial services and management control in the public and private sectors.

  • SH Diogo B

    Diogo Brito

    IT & Systems Director

    Diogo joined the team back in 2007. With several years of experience, Diogo manages and coordinates our Information Technology and Systems Administration team.

  • SH Joana C

    Joana Coutinho

    HR Manager

    Joana joined the team in 2021. She holds a degree in Human Resources Management and manages our talent acquisition team. She is responsible for coordinating the team that finds and hires the best talent according to our client's needs and requirements.

International Coverage

With offices in Dublin and Toronto and competency centres in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and South America, we provide competitive services while covering multiple time zones.
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Flexibility to Choose the Talent Location

You have the flexibility to select the location for your teams and staff based on your specific requirements.

  • Argentina

    Popular nearshore IT destination for companies based in North America looking to outsource and scale their IT & Software Development strategy.

  • Portugal

    An excellent nearshore IT destination for European companies. It's conveniently located and offers a highly skilled workforce with competitive rates.

  • Romania

    Offers several advantages as a nearshore IT destination for European companies, including a large pool of skilled workers and a convenient time zone.

Benefits of Choosing Us

  • Scalable

    Easily adjust your team size and skills to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal flexibility and efficiency.

  • Competitive

    Gain access to competitive rates that deliver exceptional value, reducing both current and future expenses.

  • Flexible

    Effortlessly scale or downsize your team without the burdens of recruitment, HR management, or office space concerns.

  • English speakers

    According to the Global English Proficiency Index, the Portuguese rank 9th, the Romanians rank 17th, and the Argentinians rank 30th.

  • Training

    Our talent has graduated from top global IT universities and stays updated with the latest IT and software development trends.

  • Quality

    Expect the same high-quality standards as if you were hiring local IT and software development talent.

  • Time zones

    With competency centres in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and South America, we can cover multiple time zones.

  • Experience

    Benefit from a team with more than two decades of international experience managing, recruiting and retaining top talent.