Why us?

We have solid arguments about why you should partner with us.

  • Development skills
    & Experience

  • Great
    support team

  • Competitive

  • Flexible

Management team

  • Ricardo Alencastre

    Ricardo Alencastre


    Based in Toronto, actively working within IT, digital, Internet, and the web since 1999. Specialist in IT and digital projects. With international experience developing business and managing teams across Europe and North America.

  • SH Silvia M

    Sílvia Marques


    Based in Lisbon, Silvia has been managing Share IT operations since 2015. After several years as an internal auditor at Deloitte Portugal and in financial services and management control in the public sector. With degrees in Auditing, Accounting, and Business Administration, she has several years of management experience.

  • SH Diogo B

    Diogo Brito

    IT & Systems Director

    Based in Madeira Island, Diogo joined the company back in 2007. With several years of experience in this role, Diogo manages and coordinates our Information Technology and Systems Information team.

  • SH Luis Q

    Luís Quaresma

    HR Manager

    Based in Portugal, Luís has over 20 years of experience in HR. Graduated in Human Resources Management, he is responsible for the Holistic People Management, making sure that our team can fulfill the high-quality standards we stand by.

  • SH Joana C

    Joana Coutinho

    Talent Coordinator

    Joana is based in Lisbon and joined the team in 2021. She holds a degree in Human Resources Management and manages our talent team. She is responsible for coordinating the team that finds and hires the best resources according to our client's needs and requirements.

Europe & North America

With offices in Dublin and Toronto and development centres in Argentina, Portugal, and Romania, we can support clients on both continents.

Shareit Map


Our development teams are based in Argentina, Portugal, and Romania. With this setup, we can provide world-class nearshore services across North America and Europe.

  • Argentina

  • Portugal

  • Romania

Benefit from a competitive setup

By partnering with us, you will be more competitive and efficient.

  • Flexibility

    You will be able to hire our developers only for the time required to implement and build your project.

  • Competitive rates

    You will get competitive rates with an effective cost-benefit ratio and reduce your actual development costs.

  • Savings

    You will benefit from using our developers without the burden of having to take care of recruitment, managing salaries, social security, insurances, office space...

  • Multilingual

    We have some of the best English speakers in the world. According to the Global English Proficiency Index, the Portuguese rank in the 7ht position, the Romanians in the 15th, and the Argentinians in the 30th!

  • Well trained

    Our developers have graduated from some of the best IT universities in the world, and they are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends in software development.

  • Quality

    You will get developers and development teams with the same quality standards that you are used to in North America and Europe.

  • Timezone

    With development centers in Argentina, Portugal, and Romania, you can be sure we will be able to provide developers and development teams in a timezone similar to yours.

  • Talent acquisition

    We have a very specialized Talent Acquisition team with more than ten years of experience finding and recruiting the best software development candidates for your team.